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Binary Options Trading Apr 28, 2006 Ideally, a theory of words and their tokens should tell us not only (i) what a word is (in the sense indicated), but (ii) how a word is to be individuated, (iii) whether there anything all and only tokens of a particular word have in common (other than being tokens of that word); (iv) how we know about words; (v) Team A & Team B · No Hopers · Team Manfriend v's Team Lady Friend · Beat the Game · Team Scream A lot. Recent Comments. Mr WordPress on Hello world! Archives. July 2016 · June 2016 · May 2016 · April 2016 · March 2016 · February 2016 · October 2015. Categories. Team photos · Uncategorised. Meta. i ico reviews The first attempt to use a mobile phone as a token was tried in 1994 by RSA Security where the required one time passcode was sent via SMS after the users PIN (the first factor) was confirmed. This approach had some success however issues with SMS delivery delays or signal loss prevented its adoption as a business  token wheels for sale Type, Parameter, Description, Required? string, username. The user name to generate a token on behalf of. Only valid in the 'password' and 'client_credentials' grants. string, grant_type. The type of grant request. Valid values: authorization_code , refresh_token , password , client_credentials , personal , room_notification .Why is Trustwave Certificate-Based Authentication Better Than a Token? Trustwave delivers reliable, secure authentication at a fraction of the cost of tokens. We eliminate the need to track inventory and maintain associated hardware and software. We also leverage existing infrastructure and the entire solution is managed 

Token - This structure provides full information about a lexed token. It is not intended to be space efficient, it is intended to return as much information as possible about each returned token. This is expected to be compressed into a smaller form if memory footprint is important. The parser can create a special "annotation For Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Casino token prizes (Token/Gold details)". WhitePaper builder - expert v 0.4 - investor v 0.4 - entrepreneur v 0.4 - ICO management v 0.4. 2018 February. - marketing v 0.4 - expert v 0.6 - ICO management v 0.6. 2018 May. - landing page builder - investor v 0.6 -marketing v 0.6 - entrepreneur v 0.6 - expert v 0.8. 2018 July. - entrepreneur module v 0.8 - marketing  j token site Jan 28, 2016 Background. Token allocation for a distributed database like Cassandra is not a trivial problem. One wants to have an even split of the token range, so that load can be well distributed between nodes, as well as the ability to add new nodes and have them take a fair share of the load without the necessity to Aug 8, 2017 The recent number of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), the enormous amount of money they've raised, and the speed with which they did it, has set off the alarms for funding industries from Venture…

Location: Gaiazor (Location) Price: N/A (Reward from the 'It's Too Bad I'm Poisonous Now' quest) Sellback: 0 AC Type: Item Description: *No description* Notes: Required to accept the 'Talk to Lapis' quest. Used in the 'Talk to Lapis' quest. Thanks to Eldant.Jul 22, 2014 POST, Allow. Add access token instance and persist to data source. Inherited from generic model API. JSON object (in request body). /accessTokens, GET, Deny, Find all instances of accessTokens that match specified filter. Inherited from generic model API . One or more filters in query parameters:. Sep 19, 2017 Describes the JSON dictionary structure for a payment token. The token uses EC_v1 for ECC-encrypted data, and RSA_v1 for RSA-encrypted data. Party V Info. The SHA-256 hash of your merchant ID string literal; 32 bytes in size. You can derive Party V Info from your Payment Processing certificate in  laser pico review Jun 27, 2017 The world of cryptocurrency ICOs has been on fire as of late. In most cases, these ICOs cause quite a bit of strain on the Ethereum network, which is anything but enjoyable. It now appears a lot of projects are running so-called pre-ICO token sales as well. This allows teams to collect even more money, while Dec 8, 2017 Problem. Remittance Market. Use of Remittances. Opportunity with Cryptocurrency. The SureGifts Network. 1. 2. 3. 4. 4. 7. 8. The SureRemit Token. SureRemit Features. Timeline. Token Sale Terms. 9. 12. 15. 16. An Ecosystem of Merchants for Global Non-Cash Remittances. Current Transaction Flow. 5.

Clearly each leaf needs only one token and each internal vertex needs the maximum number of tokens required for one of it's children multiplied by number of its children. Therefore the function f which returns, for each inner node v of T, the minimal number of tokens required to cover the leaves of the subtree of T rooted in v Jul 14, 2017 On 15 July, he is going to sell 560 million “tokens” — digital units of payment that will be necessary to use Pillar, once it's ready — in exchange for ether, an up-and-coming cryptocurrency exchanged on public blockchain Ethereum. His target is the equivalent of $50 million; if that sounds like a lot, be aware  ICO rating, ICO analytics, best ICO, ICO status. ico tracker miami Jan 19, 2018 If you're reading this page, you've probably heard the term ' ERC20* Token' thrown around, especially in the wake of the recent boom in ICO.Protect sensitive data and mission-critical systems with RSA SecurID hardware tokens, the industry's highest-quality two factor authentication device.

An access token is an object that describes the security context of a process or thread.Depending on the details of the HTTP library you use, simply replace your password with the token. For example, when using curl, you could do something like this: curl -v --user me@:my-api-token. Note that me@ here is the email address for the Atlassian account you  Jun 10, 2017 I'm not sure that app coins vs. protocol coins are the right way to segment these tokens. It doesn't provide added clarity to an already obscure and new practice. Here is a proposed set of questions to ask. If you are an ICO-based organization, give yourself 1 point for each yes answer, totalling a maximum of  invest in blockchain technology group The use of one-time password tokens hardens a traditional ID and password system by adding another, dynamic credential. Depending upon the vendor, an OTP token will generate a PIN synchronously or asynchronously. Synchronous tokens use a secret key and time to create a one-time password. Asynchronous tokens Jan 3, 2017 [This article is outdated. A direct technical comparison between Byteball and IOTA is not meaningful anymore since the IOTA development accelerated fast.] Hello everybody,. I hope you guys had a good start in 2017 as good as mine! Today I'm going to show you some interesting facts about Byteball and 

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style="padding-bottom:5px">' + '<span style="font-size:130%;border-bottom:1px;font-weight:bold">ChangeTokenImg v'+version+ '</span>' + '</div><div style="padding-left:10px;padding-right:10px;padding-bottom:5px">' + 'Changes the image for selected token IF the tokens are from a Rollable Table. z blockchain platforms Dec 28, 2016 Waves community token. Waves platform is all about custom application tokens and community based projects. Now, once we have basic token functionality, we start building crowdintelligence-based mechanisms for projects approval and screening. It should engage the community to monitor and vet the Sep 5, 2014 Authenticate with an XAPP Token. This workflow is suitable for desktop or mobile clients. It allows anonymous logon to Artsy without any user access. curl -v -X POST "?client_id=&client_secret="  Nov 21, 2016 - 9 min - Uploaded by W O R L D U N D E R G R O U N DToken and Emoney duke it out on their first official BAR FIGHT, which was filmed live at Mission If you're using an API Key to access the Intercom API for your own data, you should switch to using an Access Token asap - API Keys will be fully deprecated in early 2018. To access the Intercom API, whether it's to access your own team's data or other people's Intercom data (for example through an integration), you will 

Sep 29, 2017 fast-style-transfer-deeplearnjs - Demo of in-browser Fast Neural Style Transfer with library. ico download You can keep a users session logged in by putting their cookies into the browser . But what about if youre using token based authentication insteAccess Tokens are short-lived tokens that you can use to authenticate Twilio Client SDKs like Voice, Chat and Video. You create them on your server to verify a client's identity and grant access to client API features. All tokens have a limited lifetime, configurable up to 24 hours. However, a best practice is to generate Access  Detailed information about the coin Telephone Token, Compagnie le Taxiphone V (Small V; 24 mm), * Tokens *, with pictures and collection and swap management : mintage, descriptions, metal, weight, size, value and other numismatic data.Jul 25, 2017 Such offers and sales, conducted by organizations using distributed ledger or blockchain technology, have been referred to, among other things, as "Initial Coin Offerings" or "Token Sales." Whether a particular investment transaction involves the offer or sale of a security – regardless of the terminology or 

ico review universal the API itself. Note: as of Rundeck 2.8, Authentication tokens are generated with a unique ID as well as a token string. Listing tokens will show the ID instead of the token string, and the ID should be used to manage the token instead of the token string itself. Token strings can be retrieved with the /api/V/token/[ID] endpoint.So, i needed one more token for my rank 6 champion mastery, and i had finally gotten an S in a 3v3, but noticed that no champion level 6 mastery shard was awarded to me. Is this intended? Can i only get it in 5v5s? Login to comment; Edit; Disable Commenting; Disable Voting; View in Mod Tool. Share. For example /monday/ /archive/monday/texts/first_thing /monday/ /archive/monday/texts/next_thing /monday/ /archive/monday/texts/last_thing. -v token, Verify token against user and path parameters. -t token, Display the contents of the token. -k passphrase, Passphrase to decrypt token May 27, 2017 Join the biggest FIFA Ultimate Team Community on the internet - Create Squads, Check Prices, Search the Database, and find FIFA 18 - 10 stats.

Oct 17, 2017 On this page: Resources; Road to GraphQL; Basic usage; Authentication. OAuth2 tokens; Personal access tokens; Session cookie; Impersonation tokens; Sudo. Status codes; Pagination. Pagination Link header; Other pagination headers. Namespaced path encoding; Branches & tags name encoding; id vs  h ico cryptography Aug 4, 2017 Filecoin could be a game changer for the crypto space. It's one of the few projects that are extremely well thought out, built by an amazing team, and actually needed. Add to that the fact that they created a new proof mechanism and have a legitimate need for a blockchain. In other words, it's probably the PandaDoc also offers pre-defended tokens. Includes Document Created Date, Document Reference Number, Document Sequence Number (If feature used, click here). Step 8: Using tokens for other parts of the template. Once you have your tokens, you can click on each one and then use “CTRL-V” to paste them into the  amount is not met as of the close of Token Sale Event. Token Sale Event Schedule. Private Pre-sale Commitments: 9/20 – 10/23. • Private Pre-sale cap of 350,000,000 CMT. • Private Pre-sale paid only in BTC. • Minimum commitment of 20 BTC. • Maximum commitment of 200 BTC. • Register at ?v=vip.The V Jump Edition 2 Token Pack is a set of three Tokens distributed with the August 2010 issue

Aug 25, 2017 The Minereum Team takes a step further and plans to launch an ICO for the next version of Minereum, Artemine. Find out more here at Coin News Asia. initial coin offering utility token I am currently getting a runtime error, so I am certain I am not going about this exactly the right way. "An error occurred when procesing the email Body! Lexical error, Encountered: "t" (116), after : "." at *unset*[line" I have a local variable value set by the user (or set to a default) that I want to reference and You will need to setup Apigee to expose a resource for authentication and another for generating the are a few steps to make it work: 1. Setup the resource in charge of generating tokens. Familiarize yourself with OAuthV2 Policy and supported flows. Especially, authorization code and client  Overview. vToken is an online ID verification bureau. vToken offers you a convenient way to provide sensitive information about yourself to other individuals, businesses or government departments. vToken allows businesses to integrate with us and offload some or all of their KYC/AML/CFT compliance requirements, and Annotation v). setter for parent - sets the parent of this token. This feature is meant to be used in when the token participates in a constituency parse and then refers to a constituent containing this token. The type of this feature is Annotation to avoid adding a dependency on the syntax API module. Parameters: v - value to set 

r i - " _ 2 1'- 'fl -- ' i i' i i X . . . s ' . 4.' þ i' ' . ' - o Ft. K' "A l l ss . i j _ . . ,l ., ' _ -1.'. I (_ ' ' ' } ** * T ' . < p si X _ l fist. a' =_* _. et; . .-"'3:- . -*_.*7 l A 'ti-J _ o *: K/ V, 'o - e -' -'_ qno-l -'** '**"'* ' 0."*'- -' * 1 * l I I . o . t' / r, . . - 'v ' a 'i'ct- * ' i 'I a 'at Pr i .' a , ] l ' 'a 7 / ' v , s 1 - 4 . . a. 4 . a * L ' * * " * "si i t t. . _ 'I . ./ - " / i a V " i ' t ' v' - 0; . l d L , " ' s' a'  token 9 The domain restrictions vary depending upon the purpose for which the token is being requested. Domain restrictions could limit a token to be used with a specific device, a specific channel (contactless v. e-commerce), or a specific merchant or token requestor. Tokens may be limited to a specific number of transactions, Variable. Description. %s. Computer with security risk. %n. Name of the user logged on to the infected computer. %m. Domain of the computer. %p. File path of the computer. %v. Security risk name. %y. Date and time of security risk detection. %a. Action taken on the security risk. %T. Spyware/Grayware and scan result  Sep 19, 2017 Kalin Stoyanchev, Otoy's blockchain expert and project lead on The Render Token, explains that "the user keeps 99.5% of all tokens for rendering, so our . A secondary goal of ORBX, besides providing a source description for rendering a scene procedurally, vs from geometry or voxelized buffers, is to Synonyms and Antonyms for love-token. 1. love-token (n.) keepsake given as a token of love. Synonyms: token · souvenir · relic · keepsake. 2. token (n.) an individual instance of a type of symbol. Synonyms: 7. love (v.) be enamored or in love with. Synonyms: romance. 8. love (n.) any object of warm affection or devotion;.

JSON Web Token (JWT) bearer access tokens are secure and self-contained tokens that can be validated locally by the target resource server (RS). The configuration provides for token security using either symmetric keys or asymmetric signing-certificate keys. Multiple entries are. crypto ico returns Jun 5, 2015 OAuth 2 VS JSON Web Tokens: How to secure an API A guest post from Simon, developer at Seedbox (See the original post on his blog). In this blog post I.Example: POST @me/refreshToken HTTP/1.1 Host: Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded secret=xx01xx01xx01xx  There are two ways to send the authentication token to an API. You can include it as a query parameter, access_token=$token , or as an HTTP header Authorization: Bearer $token . The header method is preferred. # As a query parameter: curl -v ?access_token= I have used one of my VS Attack token in upgrading David Luiz and now I want to unlock Oblak. How am I supposed to get another one of these tokens?

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Nov 2, 2011 Hello, I´m still a bit confused regarding the term mana token: Whenever the game refers to mana crystal I take a crystal token and put it in my inventory. Means it doesn´t vanish at the end of my turn and stays there for the rest of the game. j ico cryptogram The V Jump April 2013 Tokens are a set of six cut-out Tokens embossed with the V Jump logo inJun 13, 2016 Hi! (There may be some rubber ducking going on here but anyway :slight_smile: ). I'm building a backend API for a mobile app and try to figure out a good way to handle the authentication. I've already setup the initial user registration using Comeonin etc. so now I'm trying to settle on some token format to  Symbol, VEE. Token sale opening date. 12. Oct 2017. 3 months ago. Token sale closing date. 24. Oct 2017. 3 months ago. Concept. BLOCKv provides a development platform and community to create and distribute vAtoms: dynamic, compelling digital goods that shatter each roadblock. V (ticker: VEE) are smart contract The Token Binding Protocol. V. Anupam, Google Inc. A. Popov, Microsoft The Token Binding protocol can be used to create long-lived TLS bindings spanning multiple TLS sessions and connections. a server includes the client's TLS Token Binding ID in the token. ○ Later on, when a client presents a security token 

Jan 9, 2017 The application must use multifactor (Alt. Token) authentication for network access to privileged accounts. V-69529, APSC-DV-001550, SV-84151r1_rule, Medium Have user logoff and reauthenticate with their Alt. Token and that they can perform administrative functions. If the application allows  token of promise King James Bible Shew me a token for good; that they which hate me may see it, and be ashamed: because thou, LORD, hast holpen me, and comforted me. Holman Christian Standard Bible Show me a sign of Your goodness; my enemies will see and be put to shame because You, LORD, have helped and comforted me.Energy Token featuring the photograph "Nikola Tesla, with His Equipment" by Dickenson V. Alley, taken in 1899. Step up your game and impress your opponents with. Jun 18, 2016 In essence it's a signed piece of data in JSON format. Because it's signed the recipient can verify its authenticity. Because it's JSON it weights very little. If you are after the formal definition, it's in the RFC 7519. This article was featured on Hacker News. Have a look at the case study exposing analytics, SEO The token should be sent as a Header with the name “wm_auth_token” when making API requests to the WaveMaker applications. Token has a . 7.10 Token Based Authentication. i. Overview; ii. How Token Based Authentication Works; iii. What is Token; iv. Token Repository; v. Token Request; vi. API Invocation; vii. Token - - [15/May/2017:11:28:33 -0500] “GET /sechls/p/109/sp/10900/serveFlavor/entryId/0_moiqktzz/v/2/flavorId/0_5yjaq3pg/name/4/index.m3u8?hdnea=st=1494865712~exp=1494866012~acl=/sechls/p/109/sp/10900/serveFlavor/entryId/0_moiqktzz/v/2/flavorId/0_5yjaq3pg/name/4/  coschedule headline analyzer In this guide, we'll use a client token – the most flexible form of authorization. Both the client and server SDKs use payment method nonces to refer to payment information. In this guide, we'll use a payment method nonce to create a transaction. note. For information about the basics of processing and how you can use our Jul 12, 2017 As a token that has recently broken into the top 25 with regards to market cap, GNT shows a lot of promise. The Golem Project began Main difference is Golem will have measured amounts of compute power vs. the traditional subscription setup provided by the large cloud providers. Rendering farms like  A VPN token is typically enabled by two-factor authentication, where the end user not only provides a password but also authenticates the device. This is done to ensure that the user connects with a VPN only through an authorized device. A VPN token can be hardware or software based, however, most VPNs use software Mar 9, 2017 Investors usually send bitcoin to the development team behind the new offering in exchange for a new altcoin, appcoin or other type of digital token. The general idea with these digital tokens is that they will be tied to the growth of a specific project or business. As that project grows in popularity, the thinking 

May 22, 2017 What is an Ethereum token? Before learning about Ethereum tokens, it is important to first understand the basics of Ethereum. Please see my beginner's guide to Ethereum for those new to this concept entirely. Ethereum tokens are simply digital assets that are being built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. token 3 download Aug 14, 2017 What we understand by the term "token" is actually best defined as the balance of some kind of account. But, perhaps most importantly, it's a balance that can really mean anything its founder wants it to mean. To date, tokens have been made to represent a user's reputation within a system (augur), a deposit Sep 20, 2012 This technology – widely used to secure remote access to corporate networks and data – is nothing new; many of us have been carrying hardware tokens around in our pockets for at least the last 25 years. Back in 1986, mobile phones were the size of briefcases and anything but smart. But technology has  Nov 28, 2017 ERC-20 is the token standard of the Ethereum smart contracts platform. Read our Complete Beginner's Guide to find out all about these tokens.Agents, Meter Token, Juice Cards. Guyana Post Office Corp. Wakenaam, v. New Amsterdam, v. Fort Wellington, v. Cane Grove, v. Mahaicony, v. Rose Hall, v. Whim, v. Skeldon, v. Mibicuri, v. Carmichael Street, v. Charity, v. GPO Main Branch, v. Bourda, v. Grove, v. East La Penitence, v. Campbellville, v. Kitty, v. Plaisance, v.

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Jul 24, 2017 As I understand it, coin is strictly a currency that can be traded, and accepted by people buying and selling things if those buyers and sellers choose to accept the coin. And a coin has its own blockchain or equivalent, and is not built on another like Etherium. But a token is something that can be built on  s icon image Jul 25, 2017 It supports access tokens, but the format of those tokens are not specified. With OIDC OIDC also has an /introspect endpoint for verifying a token, a /userinfo endpoint for getting identity information about the user. When thinking of which flow to use, consider front-channel vs. back-channel requirements.Jun 8, 2017 In order to cash in on the growing trend of payments moving to the Internet of Things, Visa Inc. (V) has signed 13 new partners. The term "token" refers to the total number of words in a text, corpus etc, regardless of how often they are repeated. The term "type" refers to the number of distinct words in a text, corpus etc. Thus, the sentence "a good wine is a wine that you like" contains nine tokens, but only seven types, as "a" and "wine" are repeated.Coins vs Tokens: Categorization of Cryptocurrencies. It is important to note that all coins or tokens are regarded as cryptocurrencies, even if most of the coins do not function as a currency or medium of exchange. The term cryptocurrency is a misnomer since a currency technically represents a unit of account, a store of value 

May 25, 2016 Jacob V Joyce needs your help today! Token Jumpers - Donate and pre order yours today! tired of being a token? As a black queer artists sometimes I'm invited to events to tick a box, meet a diversity quota or to provide a distraction from institutional inequalities that are going unchecked. It's much easier to  cryptocurrency difficulty If your Firebase client app communicates with a custom backend server, you might need to identify the currently signed-in user on that server. To do so securely, after a successful sign-in, send the user's ID token to your server using HTTPS. Then, on the server, verify the integrity and authenticity of the ID token and retrieve Nov 21, 2016 BAR FIGHT™ - TOKEN VS. EMONEY Lyrics: Yo, make some noise Team Backpack! / - Oh no! Shit! - / This is for anybody who mad that the kid's back / I don't pay no mind to anyone / Who's not on my level / That's word to the. The type–token distinction is used in disciplines such as logic, linguistics, metalogic, typography, and computer programming to clarify what words mean. Contents. [hide]. 1 Overview; 2 Occurrences; 3 Typography; 4 Charles Sanders Peirce; 5 See also; 6 References. 6.1 Sources. 7 External links. Overview[edit].Then switch to the Edit Tokens tab. You will see three buttons: Sentence, Paragraph and Word. These buttons will automatically create tokens for all sentences, paragraphs or words respectively. For example, when you click on the Word button the system will convert every word from the text into a highlightable token.

CREATE INDEX idx_url_upper_special on `travel-sample`( DISTINCT ARRAY v for v in tokens(url, {"specials":true, "case":"UPPER"}) END ) where type = 'hotel'; SELECT name, address, url FROM `travel-sample` h WHERE ANY v in tokens(url, {"specials":true, "case":"UPPER"}) SATISFIES v = " ico rating zip Current version is at 3. ARNA is fully equipped to obtain all necessary formal approvals from FDA and other regulatory authorities, however, we recognize the most acute pain of modern healthcare that is diminishing trust between general public and the official healthcare regulation system.IBM Token-Ring Network Bridge Program Version 2.0 connects both 4-Mbps and 16-Mbps Token-Ring Networks in any combination. synchronous modems capable of providing the following interfaces at the indicated speeds: EIA RS-232-C/CCITT V.24 at 9.6 Kbps to 19.2 Kbps CCITT V.35 at 9.6 Kbps to 1.344-Mbps X.21  WELCOME TO THE EXPERIENTIAL ECONOMY. UNLOCK ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES AND NEW REVENUE WITH SMART DIGITAL OBJECTS BUILT ON THE BLOCKv PROTOCOL. Try It Now Stay updated. TOKEN GENERATION EVENT. OCT 23, 2017. 71,997 ETH CONTRIBUTED. 3,646,271,241 VEE GENERATED Nov 1, 2017 curl -k -v -d "token=<REFRESH_TOKEN_TO_BE_REVOKED>" -H "Authorization: Basic <base64 encoded (clientId:clientSecret)>" -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" https: //localhost:8243/revoke 

Each token costs $2 and you will become an owner of a celebrity ring. Adopting a fractional ownership model, V Diamonds is offering you an opportunity to invest in the coveted Jane Seymour ring for as little as $2. One Million parts of the ring will be offered for sale. Additionally, as an investor, you will stand a chance to  initial coin offering investopedia Hi Team, We are working with Sugar version 7.7.1 and have observed “Token Expired” issue many times while working with modules. Because of token.Victory tokens are used in the Vs attack leveling plan where you can upgrade your chosen Vs attack master player. Go to plans > leveling There you will see upgrades for kaka,david luiz and oblak. You'll also need vs attack tokens which you'll get Oct 2, 2017 To determine how traditional securities regulation applies to tokens, the SEC and other legal minds have used the four-pronged Howey Test, derived from the SEC vs. W.J. Howey Co. case, which states that a security is an investment contract in which a person 1) invests their money 2) in a common [img][/img] upload your images just won a game in vs. attack and got a Köln vs. Hamburg token, it says I can get a player from that game.

Scales are distinct from nodes, and they use their own %v token (corresponding to the scale value). The scale value token ( %v ) is distinct from the node value token ( %v ), despite sharing the same name. The scale value token is used specifically for scale-related items, and can be used with the x-axis scale, y-axis scale,  ico aguilar real madrid Jul 17, 2017 The recent momentum in the crypto markets has also opened a door to a new world — allowing companies and projects to conduct large scale ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings) or token sales. With the recent cooling off, it may take time for the market to determine if it can support both the volume and size of Jun 1, 2017 A rose by any other name would smell as sweet – the quintessential Shakespearean analogy seems to be losing relevance in today's rapidly evolving technology investment scene, accentuated by multi-million-dollar raises within minutes. Internet companies have been traditionally seen as lucrative,  Jan 17, 2018 2.1 Non-card tokens; 2.2 The first token cards; 2.3 Eighth Edition; 2.4 Tenth Edition; 2.5 Magic 2015; 2.6 Battle for Zendikar; 2.7 Double-faced tokens. 3 Token generation; 4 Increasing the number of tokens; 5 Magic Online; 6 Rules; 7 Examples; 8 Token specific types; 9 Full list; 10 Trivia; 11 References Dec 1, 2016 Blockchain technology may provide financial firms with a secure data structure for online asset management. Read this BCG report to plan for the future of digital currency.

Sep 25, 2017 UnikoinGold: A Decentralized Esports Gaming Token v.28 content subject to change. Abstract. Unikrn operates a leading international esports entertainment and betting Platform. Currently, users of the Platform use our existing. Unikoin token to participate on the Platform, and to buy products such as  p ico coins Aug 21, 2017 I saw a comment thread recently asking what is the difference between the Client Access Token and the Developer Access Token. Based on my experience with the two, here is a summary. Modifying the chatbot. Only the developer access token actually has the rights to modify the chatbot's behavior. That is Table of Contents. Early Versions of the Theory; Traditional Objections; Type vs. Token Identity; Multiple Realizability; Attempts at Salvaging Type Identity; References and Further Reading  Aug 31, 2017 One of the problems of such a new and cutting-edge sector, particularly one that arises from the grassroots, is that regulation tends to lag behind the technology. The same is true of language. Terms are created and evolve as they are needed, and there is not always clear agreement about what they mean.Apr 5, 2017 Hidden throughout the missions in Space Marshals 2 are collectible COR-V tokens. Collecting them is essential to earning the game's best weapons, but many of them are not easy to find. Wouldn't be much of a challenge if they were. One of them however, has caused so much feedback that studio 

Aug 22, 2017 Even the terminology being thrown around is confusing; there's been a rapid evolution of new technology that has resulted in a lack of lingo consensus. What is an ICO vs. a token sale vs. a TGE? Are coins, tokens, and cryptocurrencies the same thing? What exactly is a “protocol”, “DAO”, “dApp”, etc… invest in blockchain companies uk One possible downside of a corporate focus on recruiting people of color is the inadvertent creation of a "token," someone who is viewed more as a representative icon than as an individual. When differences are highly visible, as with a person's race, token employees may feel the fate of a people rests on their shoulders.CLASSES ESTIMATED PRICES LAST UPDATE- 19 March , 2017 Bag Items: Name Estimated Price Hc 1k = Spooky Scare Token 40,000-57,000 Hero Coins Granny v Token 5,500 Hero Coins Each Legion Token 2,000. Soul Spirit. Monsters Undead Infantry Skull Warrior Blade Master Laken  Feb 20, 2017 V-key, headquartered in Singapore, is accredited by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to deliver an innovative form of authentication via V-Tap, V-Key's mobile soft token application. V-Key's software token, which is also deployed by top banks in Singapore, including DBS and UOB, The application is designated for VÚB clients and Nonstop Banking users who use mobile devices to enter the service and confirm current operations. The application provides the following services: - one-time passwords to enter Nonstop Banking (one-time password) - current operations authorization (Message 

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ERC20 TOKENS. The terms Ethereum also recently proposed two other standards: ERC223 and ERC721. Rel. ROI vs ETHarrow_drop_down. search. ERC: 223. Author: Dexaran, dexaran820@gmail. See Tweets about #erc223 on Twitter. ERC20 Tokens. The eventual goal is to automate this process, Ethereum Powered  for /f tokens=2 delims= Nov 2, 2016 Projects are raising money through the token model: selling the native token needed to use their corresponding networks… Ethereum, for example, hasn't hit this bump yet because 1) it's young and 2) the price of ETH vs every fiat currency has, more or less, been on the rise, making the ETH the Ethereum Feb 2, 2016 Toking and token are easily confused words. The spell-check application of most word processing software programs would not catch a slip-up of these two words. Spell-check is looking for words that aren't in its dictionary, and words that resemble words in its dictionary but are possibly spelled wrong. Jan 18, 2008 Token identifier. Token category. Token value. T_ANY. UnknownTokenType. any value not matched otherwise. T_CCOMMENT. WhiteSpaceTokenType. /* */. T_CPPCOMMENT. WhiteSpaceTokenType. // /n. T_SPACE. WhiteSpaceTokenType. blank or '/t'. T_SPACE2. WhiteSpaceTokenType. '/v' or '/f'.Nov 4, 2017 Contents. [hide]. 1 List of cards, Events, and Landmarks using Victory tokens; 2 Official Rules (Prosperity); 3 Official Rules (Empires); 4 Impact; 5 Strategy; 6 Trivia. 6.1 Secret History 

As part of the grant, BLOCKv will contribute $500,000 of its V tokens to Science Blockchain projects over the next two years, improving the ability of Science and its portfolio companies to leverage BLOCKv technologies to create virtual goods and consumer-grade multi-media experiences called vAtoms. BLOCKv will benefit  initial coin offering blockchain Nov 27, 2017 Thus, the Soviet Union gave birth to the token Soviet woman: a convenient, one-size-fits-all woman who ticked the boxes of enlightened gender equality and appeased the Communist ideologists, for whom the abolition of capitalism included ending women's exploitation. “You think we're not advanced?targetRef } A process instance which has a token t on a Taskfe can leave fe if fe has at least one outgoing flow (use case leavetask): state = RUNNING & t pg : ParallelGateway & v = tokens>select( t | ng>exists( sf | sf : t ) ) & > 0 & = ng>size() => Token>exists( t1 | pg : t & t1  Edition: Duel Decks: Jace Vs. Vraska. Type: Creature - Assassin. Cast: Rarity: S. Pow/Tuf: 1/1. Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, that player loses the game.Token Holder: 0xf02913aba543137a8826fd457a8f8d97a2e5782b. Value per Token: $0.00. Token Balance: 520 IML. Token Value: $0.00 (0.0167%). ers: 0 

Aug 23, 2016 TL;DR Many modern web applications use JSON Web Tokens (JWT), rather than the traditional session-based authentication. Quite a few challenges have been found with using server-side sessions in modern-day applications. In this post, we'll identify those challenges and explain how JWT and sessions  ico coin to usd Mathematically transforms plain text into cipher text using an encryption algorithm and key, Randomly generates a token value for plain text and stores the mapping in a database. Scales to large data volumes with just the use of a small encryption key to decrypt data, Difficult to scale securely and maintain performance as Sep 20, 2017 Tokens vs Cryptocurrencies. People ask me frequently about investing in the blockchain ecosystem and which investments I would recommend. Most have heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and they might have read an article that promoted a new coin, promising to be a phenomenal investment. In the past  Dec 20, 2016 Ethereum allows you to create digital tokens that can be used to represent virtual shares, assets, proof of membership and more. These smart contracts are compatible with any wallet, as well as exchanges that use a standard coin API. You can copy the code from Ethereum's website and then use your v.A.): start(us) iff start(v.A), (3) VS-nodes vs in GA, A-nodes v.A in GB s.t. corr(vs. v.A); Hvt. s.t. pc(vT, vs) iff (i) token (v.A.) A Wvo s.t. conn(v.A., vo): -offer(vo) or (ii) -itoken(v.A)// Evo, v' : token(v'A) A offer (vo)// conn(v'A. ve) A act(vo, UA), (4) EvT, vs. pc(vT, vs) <= --w's : start(vg) // HvA : token(v.A.) <= --w'A : start(v'A)// -EvA 

The Management APIv2 token is used to call the Auth0 Management API v2. This APIv2 token is a JWT, and contains various scope claims, such as read:users or update:clients , and is signed with a client API key and secret for the entire tenant. Management APIv2 Explorer · Management API v1 vs v2  vbulletin 4 status icons return -1 == (*)(r).Cmp((*)(token.(*randomToken))). } type hostToken struct {. token token. host *HostInfo. } func (ht hostToken) String() string {. return f("{token=%v host=%v}", , ()). } // a data structure for organizing the relationship between tokens and hosts. type tokenRing struct {.Jun 5, 2017 New York City About a dozen rain-soaked people were crammed between the revolving doors and security barriers in the lobby of New York University's Stern School of Business as torrents pelted down outside. All desperately wanted in to the hottest ticket in town, one that promised to make some of them  Date : TUESDAY 14TH NOVEMBER. Home Team, GAL, Score, GAL, Away Team. ALDERNEY MANOR, 1, 3, v, 7, TUCK UP'S. TALBOT RISE, 8, v, 2, 1, BEARWOOD "A". ALDERNEY WEST "A", 7, v, 3, 1, PARKSTONE CON. P.T.L.C, 1, 2, v, 8, SPECTRUM SIXERS Hardware tokens are inconvenient for users, costly for providers, and lacks on-device protection as well as protection against phishing and MITM attacks, while SMS has been officially deprecated by NIST, and is the target of numerous malware and ransomware campaigns proliferating in the wild. V-OS Authentication 

Table 4. Distribution of biddan, (be)beodan, hatan, and (ge)don by complement type, ChronA v+I vOSI vOSI[to] v+þæt v+NP+þæt biddan – – – 1 2 (be)beodan – – 1 – 2 hatan 18 3 – – – (ge)don – – – – – Table 5. Distribution of biddan, (be)beodan, hatan, and (ge)don by complement type, Heptateuch v+I vOSI vOSI[to] v+þæt  ico coin adalah G/NET 1.4M Coaxial 1 NA 255 2,550 CSMA/CA/CD v /s V Proprietary X.25, SNA, asynchronous Rle, communications $950 IBM White Plains, N.Y. Token-Ring Network 4M Twistedpair, IBM, fiber-optic 1 NA 260; 72 with twisted-pair 2K Token-Ring /s is is IS Proprietary SNA, PC Net, asynchronous, LU6.2 Printer $695 Server generated tokens can be tracked back to their origins. This enables a system to perform more comprehensive security tasks and user management than using a simple user name and password. Tokens, for example, can decided to be expired after a certain period of time where the logins through  Sep 25, 2017 API tokens are unique authentication credentials assigned to individual users. You need to create an API token to use the Fastly API. You can use API tokens to grant applications restricted access to your Fastly account and services. For example, an engineer user could limit a token to only have access to a It calls to mind the seeds that were stolen from RSA SecurID tokens and subsequently used to attack Lockheed Martin and other unconfirmed defense contractors. These internal seeds comprise a secret key hard-coded into the token itself, and are the logical equivalent of a combination to a vault. Now 30,000 worried RSA