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Binary Options Trading Qtum is a Blockchain project that allows Decentralized Applications and Smart Contracts to execute as part of a UTXO transaction. Existing Ethereum applications can be ported to Quantum's Blockchain. Core development is done by the Quantum Foundation, a Singapore registered organization. Financial backing comes  d&d token daily Dec 22, 2017 Key Highlights: • FFG will invest SGD 350,000 into CryptoFoundry Pte. Ltd. (“CryptoFoundry”), a Singapore based startup that is providing consultancy and technology services in the area of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. • FFG will own 60% of CryptoFoundry upon completion of the Jan 2, 2018 First Growth Funds Limited will raise the funds through a conditional placement agreement with Blockchain Global Limited. cryptocurrency list price Oct 10, 2017 Digital innovators across all sectors are investing heavily in developing a new generation of blockchain solutions. Tae Royle, head of our Digital Legal Services team, recently hosted a seminar in our Singapore office along with partners, David Futter and Mark Edwards from our London Fintech practice.

Nov 21, 2016 In Singapore last week, two announcements showed how fast the world of cryptocurrency is moving. property development, leasing, hire purchase and general finance, international and investment banking, investment and portfolio management and advisory services, nominee and custodian serv.September 13, 2017, Singapore – The leading blockchain protocol for digital insurance, Aigang has launched its insurance investment platform demo. The new investment platform invites people to contribute their testnet ETH to see the platform from investor's point of view. Currently, the platform allows claiming daily profits  Nov 27, 2017 It's not a newly identified atomic element, rather it's an innovative platform in Blockchain space with a growing market cap of more than $70 billion dollars only next to the king Now that you know the power of Ethereum, if you have decided to invest in Ethereum — you'll have following questions in mind. initial coin offering wsj There has been a lot of hype around Blockchain technology and Bitcoin in recent times. Almost all Fin-Tech heavy weights are pouring investments into Blockchain technology. Governments and regulators are also equally interested in this. Blockchain is essentially a decentralised and distributed ledger technology that was These days, it seems everyone wants to talk about blockchain. Major insurance companies are investing into it; industry consortiums are forming around it; investors are pouring in capital. But — only 4 years ago — nobody had heard of blockchain. And only a very few understood the concept of a digital ledger, let alone its 

Dec 20, 2017 "MAS is concerned that members of the public may be attracted to invest in cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, due to the recent escalation in their prices," If you want to take advantage of blockchain's huge potential and disruptive impact, while avoiding falling foul of ever-developing regulatory and legal SINGAPORE. In 2016 we started reaching out to traditional venture investors to get involved with our blockchain projects. They said we were going to make suicidal decisions. Disregarding their predictions, we have seen a 1000% ROI within six months. Now with blockchain investing reaching an all-time high, we are ready  Jun 20, 2017 Linklaters was delighted to take part in the recent inaugural Asia Pacific Blockchain for Finance Conference. The two day conference ran from 20th – 21st June and took place at the Hilton Hotel, Singapore. The purpose of the conference was to examine the latest blockchain use cases and proofs of concept  where to buy subway tokens toronto May 24, 2016 , a Singapore-based venture fund with Russian origins, is launching a new venture fund dedicated to investing in the blockchain ecosystem. Christened “Banking on Blockchain Fund,” or “BB Fund, the new fund will provide startup capital for early stage blockchain companies that have use cases Dec 18, 2017 Meridian Enterprises, which sold Ziddu to Longfin, is a private Singapore company that is 95 percent owned by Longfin's CEO and chairman Venkat pitch, many tiny stocks are maneuvering to capitalize on its run, likely leading to confusion for investors looking for legitimate ways to invest in the trend.

Nov 14, 2017 The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the city-state's de facto central bank, has released a new report focused on the second phase of its "Project Ubin" blockchain initiative. The report constitutes a sequel of sorts to an earlier test which involved the MAS and a consortium of major banks, along with Ms. Zann Kwan brings with her 16 years of professional experience in Finance and Investments before becoming a FinTech entrepreneur focusing on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology. Her team brought in the first public bitcoin machine in Asia, installed in Citylink Mall in Central Singapore. Her team is currently working  Some of the topics will be: blockchain technology trends and the opportunities aimed at the real estate market; how government sectors can beneficiate from blockchain; investing in trading in 2018 and its difficulties and opportunities; the future of Ethereum; the experience and opinions about ICOs and the future of the  ico rating crypto Jul 28, 2017 THE BUSINESS TIMES Real Estate - AT LEAST two Singapore "proptech" companies are using blockchain platforms to "tokenise" property - that is, digital tokens in exchange for Singapore dollars, with each token being entitled to the cashflow of the underlying real estate investment which it references.Blockchain is the world's leading software platform for digital assets. Offering the largest production block chain platform in the world, we are using new technology to build a radically better financial system. Analyze. #1 resource for analyzing the block chain. Innovate. First in leading edge research. BUY/SELL. The simple 

Aug 13, 2017 Since January 2016, the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) has received five complaints over digital currencies, such as bitcoin. This is to ensure that the market understands that just because there's a cryptocurrency, digital token or blockchain element, it does not exempt it from regulations", Dec 27, 2017 oBike seeks to attract more customers with 'oCoins' Nov 18, 2017 Dentacoin Foundation, an organization based in the Netherlands with the mission to improve the global dental industry by utilizing the Blockchain advantages, has established a partnership with Uniblock Investment Consultancy, Singapore. The partnership aims to expand the mission of the Dentacoin  ico helpline Coinsilium is listed on London's NEX Exchange Growth Market under ticker symbol COIN. We are the world's first blockchain investment company to IPO on a Recognised Investment Exchange. NEX Exchange Dec 16, 2017 Though most blockchain development is happening in the cryptocurrency space with start-up companies, there are some high-profile publicly traded stocks that are investing heavily in the development of blockchain technology. According to data from CB Insights, the following three stocks have the most 

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The Blockchain Center of Excellence (BCOE) leads efforts for applications of distributed ledger technology (DLT) within J.P. Morgan. We are exploring blockchain use cases and piloting solutions across business lines. We are active in the blockchain ecosystem: developing technology, investing in strategic partnerships,  ico coin faucet Nov 9, 2016 The group is now looking to further establish its position in Asia by setting up a physical base in Singapore's central business district at Lattice80, a huge, brand new fintech centre built by investment house MarvelStone group. The Asia lab will host a dedicated research and development centre as well as a Explore our industry calendar to find upcoming Bitcoin, Blockchain and payment-related events and conferences for 2017 and 2018. and supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and UOB. Other supporting organizations were and Idea Ink, Association of Cryptocurrency Enterprises and Start-ups (ACCESS), Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (both the San Francisco and Singapore Chapters), Economic Society of Find out more about AI & Blockchain and other business investment opportunities in the United Kingdom on the Angel Investment Network.

Feb 25, 2016 With financial technology investment in Asia Pacific rising to US$3.5 billion in the first nine months of 2015 from US$880 million in 2014 according to Accenture, we believe that this Asian-focused blockchain primer, the first of our series onthe technology, is timely. This report aims to give readers a deeper  custom tokens drupal 8 Apr 20, 2016 Many financial institutions and service providers around the world have already started to invest in the blockchain technology and explore its potential In particular, the Singapore government's technology arm, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, in collaboration with two commercial banks, Jul 17, 2017 After all, it's easier to invest in Ether than in regulated markets like the stock exchange or Silicon Valley, and the promised returns are alluring. There is a lot of exciting possibility around Ethereum, which like bitcoin is built around a blockchain — essentially a distributed ledger where all users of a network  Sep 22, 2017 Geographically, investment in blockchain is being led by the US with $1.3 billion invested and $1.35 billion received, followed by the UK in second place, Ireland, Singapore and China. >See also: Blockchain in the financial post-trade area. The report shows payment infrastructure is the best funded sector, Dec 13, 2017 Three-day high-end event with 1000+ attendees, 100 top-notch speakers, and well-prepared agenda aims to drive the discussion on the blockchain of real sector companies, regulation and self-regulation of the industry, technology updates, marketing methods for blockchain startups, token investing etc.

Singapore. satellite. cities. in. India. The Indian government launched its Smart Cities Mission in 2015, with the inten- tion of building 100 new smart cities. The project is expected to attract $90 billion in foreign investment, which will be used to create business parks, manufacturing zones and smart cities, all of which will  ico crypto definition Nov 13, 2017 Zilliqa, a high-speed blockchain platform from researchers at the National University of Singapore, has today announced a strategic partnership with FBG Capital, one of the world's leading digital asset management firms. The firm will be investing into the project and Zhuo Shuoji, founding partner of FBG Nov 29, 2017 The project uses R3-developed blockchain technology, which is also integrated with Microsoft's cloud service. This shows that the private sector is also interested in investing in blockchain. However, the bank's end goal is to put their dollar on the blockchain network. This shows how invested they are in this  Jul 28, 2017 The DAO itself was a decentralised venture capital type fund that raised crypto currency (Ether) to invest in blockchain and other projects. Unfortunately, vulnerabilities in The DAO's code We hear blockchain/crypto startups mention Singapore often for this reason. In the medium term, if ICOs are going to ‎

Jan 3, 2018 Don't get left behind by this growing, encrypted form of transactions, writes Moe Levin, CEO of Keynote, a company responsible for investments in cryptocurrency and blockchain start-ups. x wing custom tokens Blockchain Investment Fund - Singapore. kenbok needed a new logo and business card design and created a contest on 99designs. A winner was selected from 479 designs submitted by 104 freelance designers. 479. entries. 104. designers. 1. winner. Learn more about logo and business card design Oct 26, 2017 •The most actively invested sectors by values are – payment infrastructure, wallets and mining, blockchain tech development, banking infrastructure and exchanges •The countries receiving most investment for startups are the US, the UK, Ireland, Singapore and China •The most actively invested initial coin  Aug 25, 2017 Banks are among the growing number of financial services giants investing in blockchain startups such as R3 CEV, which is working with an 80+ member consortium of banks, regulators, and technology partners to develop Corda, a blockchain platform designed to be the “new operating system” for Jul 20, 2017 Token-as-a-Service (TaaS), the tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain assets has announced a strategic investment advisory partnership with Singapore-based COSS (Crypto One Stop Solution) a merchant payment gateway platform, exchange, and wallet allowing consumers to manage all 

Fatfish takes 51pc slice of cryptocurrency mining start-up. Tech investor Fatfish Internet Group will invest A$1.27 million in a Singapore-based cryptocurrency mining start-up with the market welcoming the news. The … [Read more] Kyckr signs up leading global payments provider. Jan 08, 2018 Blockchain Featured  site de token gratuit Oct 10, 2017 Founder Blockchain News, Cryptoassets Design Group & Blockchain Partners NETHERLANDS. JACK SHAW. Executive Director, Monetary Authority of Singapore. PETER LASZLO. Director and Technology Advisor . Ex Founding Principal @Lightbox Stack Capital – Blockchain Investing. Prasad Vanga.Other supporting organizations were and Idea Ink, Association of Cryptocurrency Enterprises and Start-ups (ACCESS), Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (both the San Francisco and Singapore Chapters), Economic Society of Singapore, Financial Planning Association of Singapore, iGlobe  Nov 17, 2017 Members of the central banks of Singapore and Hong Kong have revealed that a number of banks have now joined their recently announced blockchain-based trade network. Expected to launch by early 2019, the new network will now involve participation from over 20 global banks and financial Astronaut Capital (ASTRO) is a managed crypto service focused on asset management of ICO and crypto investing.

Mar 29, 2017 “Rising prices of real estate limits the ability of individual investors with limited funds to invest in any real estate, REIDAO aims to open up the market to everyone with an interest in investing in real estate. By using Ethereum based ERC20 tokens we can fractionalise real estate ownerships to smaller  1 cryptocurrency Change the way you bank, invest, pay and live. A mobile wallet and a financial marketplace.Singapore. Launch of fintech fund. 10 investments. 1 exits. InspirAsia. Launch of. accelerator. Singapore. InspirRussia. blockchain accelerator. Launch of. Innopolis, Russia. 2016. Banking on. Blockchain. London. Launch of. 2017. MAR - JUN. Start of restructuring of. BB Fund I. into tokenized. Based on blockchain. Fund. Jun 23, 2014 With the growing interest and use of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies worldwide, May 2013 saw the formation of the Association of Crypto-Currency Enterprises and Start-ups, Singapore (ACCESS). Bitcoin as a community based technology is clearly the organisation's focus. ACCESS aims to harness the Following the signing of a landmark agreement for fintech innovation between the Singapore FinTech Association and Lithuanian government-backed business advisory Invest Lithuania, Lithuania has announced it aims to become a gateway for Singapore's blockchain industry to Europe and beyond. Europe's first 

Indorse aims to give back ownership of the data to the user, and allow them to profit from sharing their skills and activities on the platform. ico bitcoin meaning May 11, 2017 NEW YORK, May 11 (Reuters) - Singapore-based has launched the sale of its own digital currency to fund building of its blockchain-based The company's ultimate goal is to create a platform where hundreds of thousands of the best startups go to expand their potential and find investment, Aug 23, 2016 Mr. Ravi Menon, Managing Director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has referred to Bitcoin and Blockchain as innovations that will reshape global finance. Last year, the Central Bank of Singapore announced a five-year $225 million investment plan. The money will be used for building  A blockchain, originally block chain, is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. Each block typically contains a hash pointer as a link to a previous block, a timestamp and transaction data. By design, blockchains are inherently resistant to modification of the data.The Blockchain Conference 2018 will bring together a diverse range of experts who will discuss all the opportunities, challenges and exciting possibilities in innovation and disruption that can be leveraged in Singapore using this technology. National banks and regulators, exchanges and investment banks across the world 

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venture capital funding, and the regulatory clarity to boost wide adoption levels. Asia. Asia is becoming a global leader for venture capital investment and testing of blockchain solutions.6 There are nevertheless stark differences across Asian nations, with China, Hong Kong, and Singapore leading the way (consistent with  w token costumes Sep 29, 2017 The Blockchain community should remain firm and keep on investing and starting Blockchain projects together. China may be struggling but now it is BlockShow Asia is coming up in Singapore as well since the country has taken many steps to implement Blockchain technology. The BlockShow is your Aug 22, 2016 Singapore, August 22, 2016 --- Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501, Hitachi) and the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (BTMU) today announced that they have With applying blockchain technology, it is expected to reduce system investments and to realize providing reliable and convenient financial services. Dec 20, 2017 Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand -January 15-19, 2018 $1000-$6,000. This event is one of its kind. If you are a blockchain/crypto lover plus if you like cruise then this event is for you. It will be a blockchain cruise conference where industry leaders from Blockchain and crypto space will discuss blockchain company Qtum: $1 million - Seed. 11-Jan-2017 | Financial Services. Description: Qtum merges the reliability of Bitcoins unfailing blockchain with the endless possibilities provided by smart contracts. Investors: Anthony Di Iorio, Star Xu, Xiaolai Li, Bo Shen. Headquartered: Singapore. Country: Singapore 

May 5, 2016 Banks have long used data analysis to predict market movements, investment returns, even risks of customer fraud. One such government-backed project is a partnership between Standard Chartered and DBS to use blockchain — the technology behind the cryptocurrency bitcoin — for trade finance  5 icons income Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Summit in Singapore. PUBLIC. Wednesday, November 29, 2017. 09:00. Categories. Allgemein · Bitcoin · Blockchain · Comit · Ethereum · ICO · Investment · TenX. Twitter Feed. Dr. Julian Hosp @julianhosp. Everything that's wrong with crypto in one picture! #bitconnect #scam #ponzi Mar 23, 2017 Blockchain can do wonders to the property sector. I am the Founder of Averspace, Singapore's first blockchain enabled Real Estate platform. You can create a The government here in Singapore has taken bold and decisive steps to invest in technology as it further pushes for our Smart Nation strategy. Both can provide and access accurate data about transactions across nearly every financial service industry from retail banking to insurance to investment banking. Understanding when and how to build from blockchain technology's inherent strengths – including asset creation, asset transfer and data reconciliation – will The inaugural Singapore FinTech Festival will bring together the global financial community in a week-long celebration of FinTech from 13 to 17 November 2017.

May 15, 2017 While traditional VC investment deals to private blockchain companies rose for the third consecutive quarter, more of these startups are turning to initial coin offerings (ICOs) as a viable financing method. Still shaky from a regulatory perspective, ICOs are token sales offered by blockchain companies looking  blockchain trading platform quiz It's a new type of investment. People are buying Bitcoin because it's like digital gold. It is used as an alternative store of wealth, for portfolio diversification, and long term investment. Book Icon Learn more about Bitcoin and Ethereum on our Learning Portal Quantitative investment strategy signals. BitSpread is a high growth Blockchain Fintech with offices in London, Singapore and New York. Since 2014, BitSpread has been generating high and stable audited returns from quantitative trading strategies on blockchain assets for an exclusive selection of Investment Managers. Indorse () is a blockchain-powered decentralised professional network developed in Singapore by the co-founders of the Smart Contract-As-A-Service platform Attores. Indorse's co-founders, David Moskowitz (CEO) and Gaurang Torvekar (CTO) have demonstrated their ability to successfully deploy Nov 14, 2016 Blockchain holds potential to help address this need to prove the identity of a person or organization, source of funds, business interests, history and also monitor for changes. During the Singapore FinTech Festival, IBM announced a blockchain project with Singapore fintech startup KYCK! to help enable 

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Aug 22, 2016 With applying blockchain technology, it is expected to reduce system investments and to realize providing reliable and convenient financial services. The Monetary Authority of Singapore has recently released a consultation paper on proposed guidelines for a regulatory sandbox framework to facilitate the  7 icons playboy mp3 Dec 11, 2017 As of the moment, Singapore is one of the countries where many blockchain startups launch their initial coin offering (ICO). Singapore is attractive to most We asked 14 Singapore finance bloggers to share what they would do if they could go back in time and invest their first $20,000. They can no longer Singapore, Central Singapore, SG. venture capital, investment, lending, blockchain technology, artificial inteligence DropDeck is a Decentralized Financing Platform for Startups & SMEs - streamlining venture investment & lending to help investors screen, evaluate, invest in or lend to the most innovative or thriving  Mar 25, 2016 Blockchain-powered trading. Coinigy provides a unified, all-encompassing access point for cryptocurrency-related data. With real-time feeds of market metrics and blockchain data, the platform provides high-definition charting with big data analytics and allows users to control their exchange accounts Nov 17, 2017 The central banks of the Philippines and Singapore have forged a FinTech agreement that could result in cross-border payments over a blockchain between their markets.

Oct 14, 2017 Bitcoin Press Release: Tech start-up SISA brings Ethereum blockchain technology to pool investments, offering stability and transparency to backers. The platform Pre-sale starts October 20, 2017. October 13, 2017, City, Singapore – Ethereum blockchain-backed investment pool fund SISA has announced  how to invest in blockchain technology report Oct 25, 2017 Hong Kong and Singapore have agreed to cooperate on a cross-border trade project based on blockchain technology as part of a broader joint strategy on financial technology. The two Asian powerhouses' central banks signed a fintech deal Wednesday to collaborate on a number of projects including Dec 24, 2015 March 13-17th, 2015, Coinpip, a cross border payments service utilizing blockchain technology is sponsored by the Singapore governments Infocomm Investment to represent Singapore at South by Southwest (SXSW). April 20th 2015, Interpol in Singapore creates a new digital currency to understand how  Pantera Capital is an investment firm and hedge fund focused exclusively on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and crypto assets.Nov 21, 2017 Guest Blog By: Molly Suda and Ben Tejblum of K&L Gates. Blockchain technology is on the rise. Reports indicate that over $4 billion has been invested in blockchain startups in 2017 alone, and the general consensus is that the technology, coupled with smart contracts, has significant implications for a wide 

Aug 25, 2017 Singapore might be world's smartest city. When you think of tech, you reflexively picture Silicon Valley. While Palo Alto may reign in the west, a tiny island nation of 5.6 million leads the east… and it's turning to blockchain. how to invest in blockchain quizlet Jan 3, 2018 Singapore blockchain startup FundPlaces raises US$1.5M to disrupt the property investment sector. FundPlaces was built to democratise real estate investments Jan 15, 2018 The head of Singapore's central bank on Monday expressed the hope that the “much deeper and more meaningful” technology underpinning cryptocurrencies such as blockchain would not be lost in the event digital currencies crash as predicted by some experts. 14 Jan - 09:06:50 PM [RTRS]  Nov 22, 2017 BY LOI LUU-Will Singapore become the first country to fully digitize its currency? The central bank has been testing the concept making inter-bank payments with blockchain technology. With the government and university initiatives aligned, Singapore has become a hotbed for cryptocurrency startups.REAL: Invest in real estate with cryptocurrency. REAL (Real Estate Asset Ledger) is a new Ethereum Smart-Contracts governed ecosystem that applies Blockchain technologies to the enormous Real Estate investment industry, giving greater access to global investment in Real Estate Country of origin, Spain, Singapore 

Nov 14, 2017 Reality Shares and Nasdaq announced the launch of an index to track companies in the booming blockchain industry. Exchange operator Nasdaq and Reality Shares, an investment marketplace, unveiled a new index on Monday designed to capture the growth of blockchain technology. The smart-beta  how to invest in blockchain technology 4th edition pdf Jul 19, 2017 Olaf Carlson-Wee is the founder and CEO of Polychain Capital, a blockchain investing hedge fund. Aaron Harris is a Partner at YC.Global Blockchain Competition, Singapore 12 March 2018​ Building on three years of successful consecutive competitions, True Global Ventures is excited to announce 3rd Global Fintech competition this coming spring (March 12th). After the success of previous disruption in financial services series, the last competition  Blockchain Investment Fund - Singapore. kenbok needed a new logo and business card design and created a contest on 99designs. A winner was selected from 479 designs submitted by 104 freelance designers. 479. entries. 104. designers. 1. winner. Learn more about logo and business card design Feb 9, 2017 Getting ready for DLT requires substantial investment at a time when many firms are facing financial constraints, and it can involve working through tricky and The fourth archetype—small markets with international connections, including Singapore and Hong Kong—is likely to remain integrated for cash 

Dec 12, 2017 NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Dec. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vemanti Group, Inc. (OTC PINK:VMNT), a technology-driven holding company, today announced that it has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to make an investment in Platinum Energy Recovery Corporation Pte. Ltd. (“PERC”), a  blockchain development platforms zions This is why we have collaborated with IBM to store identities on a private, permissioned blockchain network. Document verification . Startup Investments. Singapore: Thoughtbuzz, First Meta, Zukami, Travelog. Latin America: OneTwo, Zase, TraktoPro, Cabe na Mala, Fleety, LoteBox, Nutrisoft, TruckPad. SE Asia: Fashory blocks - Blockchain Investment Fund - Singapore. Oct 10, 2017 A senior official for Singapore's de facto central bank says that as many as 50 startups in Singapore are working with blockchain. During a speech yesterday, Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) managing director Ravi Menon said that dozens of new companies are focused on the tech – an ecosystem Aug 28, 2017 As blockchain technology gains steam across the globe, Singapore's financial services sector will need to quickly adapt to rapid change in order to remain globally competitive. According to a study by Robert Half, blockchain is now part of specific investment plans for one in three (30%) Singaporean 

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-economic-forum-2018-singapore-tickets-41281604390‎ vbulletin 4 status icons how tokenisation and smart contracts can be used to democratise access to real estate investment. Singapore-based Real Estate Asset Ledger (REAL) is set to launch its Ethereum-based real estate investment platform in November. Property search through blockchain-enabled MLS. Real estate investment involves a lot of Dec 4, 2017 Fund manager Helvetic Investments has announced the launch of a cryptocurrency-based fund that will track the 15 largest cryptocoins. In the future, it may also focus on blockchain companies. Jan 19, 2017 Blockchain has moved on from its Bitcoin past and is being touted as an effective and inexpensive way to safeguard data, with one Singapore-based vendor Softbank leads $120M investment in AI-based insurance startup Lemonade · Singapore issues another cautionary note on cryptocurrencies Nov 26, 2016 Singapore, 16 November 2016 The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) today announced that it is partnering R3, a Blockchain technology company, and a consortium of financial institutions on a proof-of-concept project to conduct inter-bank payments using Blockchain technology. This project could 

Nov 14, 2017 The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has joined hands with the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge to help strengthen Singapore's talent pool in the fintech industry and advance fintech and blockchain research and development. At the annual Singapore Fintech Festival event, Ravi Menon, managing  o ico coins Dec 19, 2017 ICOs Have Killed Traditional Venture Capital, Claim Prominent Blockchain Investors at CryptoFriends HypeUp in Singapore Seven handpicked blockchain startups pitched their ideas and announced their token sales to an eager audience looking for the latest attractive investment opportunities.Nov 16, 2017 Melbourne and Singapore – 16 November 2017: The Genaro Network, a Singapore-based Blockchain 3.0 ecosystem platform, and CollinStar Capital, an Australia-based asset management company and a market leader in fintech investment, today announced a strategic collaboration and investment plan  Jan 31, 2017 The world's largest financial institutions are all involved in blockchain technology somehow: some have opted to invest in startups in the ecosystem, others have launched dedicated innovation labs, and others have joined blockchain consortia. Since 2012, over US$1.3 billion has been invested in the Nov 3, 2017 SINGAPORE — It is threatening to throw the financial world, as we know it, into disarray but by all accounts, the rise of cryptocurrencies - a form of virtual Reiterating that banks have much to gain from blockchain technology, he argued: “More investors are coming in by the day to invest in this, and if banks 

Jan 3, 2018 Headliner of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines, which will be held on January 25 in Manila, will be one of the largest investors in Singapore, co-founder of the venture company Intrepid Venture and crypto evangelist Zach Piester. The expert who has worked with hundreds of startups will share  ico list 2017 Oct 30, 2017 a smart contracts platform. QTUM is a hybrid of the two, a value transfer protocol which can also support DAPPs and smart contracts. Currently, QTUM is the 15th largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap value of nearly $750,000,000. It is being developed by the QTUM Foundation, based in Singapore.Sep 1, 2017 If blockchain projects do not fulfil the five conditions above, potential investors may want to reconsider their investment. Next, we look at some interesting blockchain applications in Singapore and leave you to judge for yourself if they are worth your time, or if you should be binge watching Game of Thrones  Sep 28, 2016 It isn't just financial transactions that Blockchain can be utilized, a couple in Singapore effected a prenuptial agreement onto a Blockchain (prenups aren't legally enforceable in Singapore, sorry) – that Think about our trading/investing activities – when a trade is made, the money is tied up until it's settled.Most experts agree that blockchain has the potential to fundamentally change the way organisations are managed and business is. Read more iStock-516003104 · Standing out from the crowd: the perfect ICO structure. 0. Shares. The ICO are becoming an increasingly popular way for new companies to raise investment.